Customs' clearance, customs' duties and taxes

For shipments to countries outside the EU and Switzerland there may be further costs (e.g. taxes, import/export duties and/or customs’ duties that will be charged to the customer).

In the customs’ declarations or customs’ documents for packages outside the EU and Switzerland, the value of the items included in the delivery according to the product type will be specified. We reserve the right to supply this information to customs in order to simplify the process for you as customers and also because we are obliged to do so by law. Customs may open any packages for their controls – we have no influence over this.

If the order is for a gift, we will mark the package with the word “Gift”. However, the prices of the items will still be shown on the customs’ declarations or documents. We are currently not able to describe or declare the contents in any other way.

Import/export/customs’ duties will be levied as soon as the package reaches your country and are always due as of the first notification from the sender or when delivered. These separate charges for import, export or customs’ clearance are always payable by you and cannot be pre-paid during the ordering process.

Likewise, we have no influence on these charges and are unable to calculate or state the amount beforehand. Customs’ regulations differ considerably from country to country. For more information please contact your local customs’ authorities.

In some countries, customs’ authorities require special proof of identification from importers of goods before the shipment will be released. As the importer of goods you or the receiver of the shipment may be requested for details of an identification number (e.g. national ID number, CPF or tax ID number).

All statements without guarantee.