Riu-Shop uses cookies on its website to make it possible for web-based applications to manage the status of online visits and enable smooth navigation between the individual services and content on the website, and also to make continually recurring settings on the Riu-Shop website available to the internet user.

A cookie as a small data file that is transferred from the Riu-Shop to the user’s computer when the user is browsing the page. A cookie only contains information that Riu-Shop itself sends to the website visitor’s computer – a cookie cannot be used to access private data.

When cookies have been accepted by the user, Riu-Shop has no access to their personal data. Riu-Shop can however identify the user’s computer through the cookies. Riu-Shop uses cookies so that the customer can, for example, manage and add orders to their shopping cart during a session, and enable the Riu-Shop page to be better tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

Riu-Shop uses session-specific cookies that are not permanently stored on the website visitor’s computer. These temporary cookies are discarded after leaving the webpage. The collected data allows Riu-Shop to analyse the usage patterns and structures of the website. This signifies that the website can be continuously optimised by improving the content and simplifying its use.

Riu-Shop uses permanent cookies. These cookies remain on the customer’s computer in order to facilitate purchasing and registration services on their next visit. The cookies can, for example, record which articles the customer has selected to purchase whilst they continue shopping. The customer also only has to enter passwords on the website once in order to log in.

Permanent cookies can be manually deleted by the user. The permanent cookies used by Riu-Shop are stored on their hard disks for up to 1,000 days. After this they are automatically deleted. Most browsers accept cookies by default. Temporary and saved cookies can be independently permitted or not permitted in Security Settings. If cookies are not permitted, some features on the Riu-Shop website may not be available and some pages may not display correctly.

In order to be able to use the Riu-Shop checkout, the session-specific cookies must be enabled. If the user does not wish to accept or cannot accept cookies in any way, it is possible to place orders for Riu-Shop by email, phone or fax.

Riu-Shop draws on some of its partner companies to make the internet offers and websites more interesting for users. This is why cookies from partner companies are also stored on the customer’s hard disk when they visit the website. These cookies are permanent cookies. These cookies remain on the user’s computer and are automatically deleted after their prescribed lifetime. The lifetime is up to 22 years. Our partner companies have no access to the customer’s personal information and personal data either. This pseudonymous data is also not merged with the customer’s personal data. Pseudonymous data is, for example, data about which products have been searched for or which products the user has looked at or bought. This data has the sole purpose of enabling our partner companies to, for example, display advertising that the user may be interested in or to prevent the user constantly seeing the same advert.