Packaging - Dual system

Internet shopping is on the rise. The number of deliveries is growing year on year, and this entails an enormous amount of waste packaging. The benefits of shopping online are obvious: it’s easy, safe, quick and delivered right to your front door.
But not everything is a bonus. It also has its downsides, creating an enormous amount of waste packaging from the millions of boxes, bags and filler material. For this reason, and in line with the strict new German legislation on packaging (VerpackG, January 2019), we have decided to license our packaging to LIZENZERO of INTERSEROH Dienstleistung GmbH, a renowned specialist in the dual system.

Dual system companies professionally collect, sort and recycle packaging materials, once discarded by the end user, i.e. in the yellow bins, the yellow bags or the paper and glass bins. By paying for a license for our packaging, we contribute to the dual system that takes away and uses our waste, for the packaging materials in circulation to be recycled to the greatest extent possible.